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If you love frogs, don't read this!

Sunday School Activity Sheet: If you love frogs, don't read this!

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short name: If you love frogs, don't read this!
nutshell: If you remain in sin you may become used to it.

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Wording of this Handout:

If you love frogs, don't read this!
If you drop a frog into really hot water, what do you think will happen?
1. Your Mum or Dad will scream at you
2. The frog union will ask for compensation
3. The frog will die
The answer is number 3.

Some scientists once did an experiment on some frogs. They put them into a pot and slowly heated the water. What. do you think happened?
1. The frogs all hopped out right away
2. The frogs thought it was a spa bath and relaxed
3. The frogs stayed in the pot until they died
The answer is number 3.

Why didn't the frogs hop out as soon as the water started to warm up? The answer is simple. The frogs got used to the water as it warmed up, and when it was dangerously hot, it was too late!

If your are a Christian, you are like a frog in a pot of water. All around you the sin temperature is going up, but its rising slowly, and you may be becoming used to it.
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