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Elisha 2

Sunday School Activity Sheet: Elisha 2

tags: Elisha, comic

handout id: 3334
short name: Elisha 2
nutshell: Elisha 2

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Wording of this Handout:

Soon the fire was crackling and the stew was bubbling. It smelled really good.
One of Elisha's friends looked at the stew and decided it needed something extra.
"I'll get some more food to put into the pot"

He hunted around until he found a vine with fruit on it.
"These will be super!"

He came back with the fruit and sliced it into the pot.
"Hey! Grub's up"
"Time to eat!"
"Thank you Lord for this food!"

But when they tasted the stew...
"Yuck", "It's poisonous","BRRRRRRR!", "Blaah!"
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