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Why Do We Wear Clothes

Sunday School Activity Sheet: Why Do We Wear Clothes

tags: clothes, modesty

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short name: Why Do We Wear Clothes
nutshell: Clothes

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Wording of this Handout:

In some countries the weather is so hot people wear almost no clothes, but they nearly always wear something!

In Egypt and Arabia and Northern Australia, where the sun is hot enough to fry eggs on a shovel, the people wear long, loose clothes, which flap about when they walk, and let air move against their skin.

One reason why people wear clothes is to prevent sunburn, but even then it is not the best reason.

The wearing of clothes started about 6000 years ago, when God made clothes for the first two people in the world.

Soon after God created Adam and Eve, they disobeyed Him. They knew they had been bad, so they tried to hide from God. They tried to cover themselves with leaves, but God found them, and instead gave them clothes made of animal skin.

Ever since then people have known about modesty.

One good thing clothes do is cover our bodies. This helps to stop people looking at us and thinking bad or rude thoughts. Girls especially ought to know about being modest, because they can make a lot of trouble for themselves if they don't dress carefully.
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