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Sunday School Activity Sheet: Teeth

tags: teeth, dinosaur, carnivore

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short name: Teeth
nutshell: Sharp teeth don't mean an animal is a meat eater

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Wording of this Handout:

What did dinosaurs eat?

The movies 'Jurassic Park' and 'The Lost World' showed dinosaurs as very fierce animals. They roared like lions, and hunted and killed, and they were very keen on meat - especially human meat!

But just because a animal has sharp teeth doesn't mean it is a savage meat-eater.

The only clues we have about what dinosaurs ate are their droppings, and there are quite a lot of fossilized dinosaur droppings about.

(This means that their dung has turned to stone, along with the animal's skeleton)

Before Adam and Eve sinned against God, all dinosaurs were vegetarians - that is, they NEVER ate meat. They weren't even interested in meat.

This means that even the huge, and fierce-looking T Rex ate nothing but plants!

So it made no difference how many sharp teeth he had, he just carried on eating leaves and grass and fruit.

There are two animals (out of many) which have sharp teeth today, but usually never eat meat: the camel and the panda. The camel especially never eats meat, yet his teeth are sharp and curved like a shark's teeth!

This shows us that it is better to stick with the Bible than to imagine things that we think might be true.
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