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Safety with Lightning

Sunday School Activity Sheet: Safety with Lightning

tags: lightning, nature

handout id: 3435
short name: Safety with Lightning
nutshell: Lightning

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Wording of this Handout:

# Never take a bolt of lightning home with you - even if it does fit in your lunch box.
Seriously though. . .
# If you are in a thunderstorm and your hair is starting to stand up on end, get out of the area. You're in a strike zone!
# If you are stuck in a place where lightning is striking, the best position is to crouch into a ball with your feet together even better, do this and balance on one foot.
# Wet clothes are a help, because the lightning will go round you, rather than through you. (This may blow your clothes off in a burst of steam, but at least you will still be alive!) # The safest tree to hide under is a totally wet one. Dry trees are very risky.
# Stay away from metal things - golf clubs, fishing rods, clothes lines, chains, medallions, and things like telephones, chimneys, stoves, all electrical appliances which are plugged in, wires, water pipes, computers, radios. . .


Have you heard the one about the pig who sat on the lawn mower and then wrote a book about it ?
It was a very twisted tale!

Have you heard the one about the strange cloud that rained soapy water?
The streets were full of slippery customers!

Have you heard the one about the bird down the chimney?
Things are looking pretty black for him!

Have you heard the one about the penny on the railway track?
The doctors are all flat out trying to fix him!
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