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Sunday School Activity Sheet: Bees

tags: bee, nature, comic

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short name: Bees
nutshell: Bees

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Wording of this Handout:

This common little insect is far more than it appears.
God's amazing skill and handiwork are seen in even
the smallest and humblest things He has made.


There's a lot to see in a bee like me!

For example - We bees are full of threes!

We have nine joints in our antenna. (3x3)

And our eyes have six sides. (2x3)

We have six legs too . . . and (2x3)

Six wax scales under our bodies ( 2x3 ) and each leg has three sections. (6x3)

And, we're divided into three sections! (1x3)

Our feed are made of three pieces . . . (1x3)

And we have a sting, with three barbs on each side. (2x3)

When our hive needs a new queen, the egg for her is laid in a six-side cell. (2x3)

The eggs take three days to hatch. (1x3)

And they take fifteen days to mature (5x3)

There are lots more threes in bee to see - But you can find them out.
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