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Snake Word

Sunday School Activity Sheet: Snake Word

tags: snake, word, puzzle

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short name: Snake Word
nutshell: Snake Word

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Wording of this Handout:

Starting with the TAIL, can you reach the HEAD by filling in all the words. Each new word begins with the last letter of the word before it.

1. Tail
2. Meal we eat near the middle of the day ( not dinner),
3. Something a camel has on it's back,
4. Bright red flower, with a black centre, used on ANAC Day,
5. the colour next to red on the rainbow,
6. Something clear and wet, and good to drink,
7. Larger than a mouse, but very similar,
8. Thing with a handle, and bristles, often found in a bathroom,
9. The front end of a snake.


2. Lunch
3. Hump
4. Poppy
5. Yellow
6. Water
7. Rat
8. Scrub brush
9. Head
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