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Ribs & Working together

Sunday School Activity Sheet: Ribs & Working together

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short name: Ribs & Working together
nutshell: Ribs, Working Together

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Have you ever been told that women have more ribs than men?

The reason some people think this is because in the Bible, in the first book, we are told how God took one of Adam's ribs and made it into a woman called Eve.

So Adam had one rib missing? Wel for a short time probably, because ribs can re-grow, if the bone is removed from the covering around it, so Adam probably soon had his rib back.

But even if ribs could not grow back, it would not have had any effect on Adam's children.

For example, for hundreds of years some dogs have had their tails cut off when they are puppies. This never stops these dogs from having puppies born with tails.

Also, people who have had accidents, and lost an arm or leg, never have children with an arm or leg missing.

We cannot pass things like missing body parts on to our children, because the shape of our offspring comes from the DNA in the egg cell, which is not damaged by changes to the parent's body.

Working Together

You might hear someone say that Nature is one big scrap!
Survival of the fittest! Dog eat dog! Kill or be killed! Live and let die!

But is this really true?

There are many examples in Nature where living things look after each other, and share, and care.

A dog may suckle a kitten, and parrots can be friends with cats.
Elephants will help their young and old, and dolphins have been known to defend human swimmers.

Of course the small, weak and stunted usually do not do as well as the big, strong and healthy, but that is a good way of making sure the breed stays big, strong and healthy. Even farmers know that if the best of a crop is kept aside for planting the best crop will come next season.

But Nature is not cruel. That is a word humans use when they try to explain something they do not understand.
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