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Our sand castle world

Sunday School Activity Sheet: Our sand castle world

tags: young, earth, creation

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short name: Our sand castle world
nutshell: Creationism - Young Earth

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Wording of this Handout:

When I was a boy I used to like building sand castles.

My sand castles were usually larger and higher than me, with a moat and walls, and some sticks poked into the middle. Very grand.

When the castle was finished, I would wait for the sea to come up and fill the moat. Sometimes I dug a channel to help it.

One thing I noticed - the sand was washed away very quickly by the waves.

Our world is a bit like a sand castle on the beach. Every day rain is falling somewhere, dropping onto the land, and washing it away.

The water cornes down from the mountains, and flows to the sea, carrying mud and soil, stones and rocks. Bit by bit the whole world is being washed away.

If we were able to sit on the moon and watch, we would see every bit of land disappear into the sea in only 10 million years, at the present rates.

This shows that our world is not very old after all, and that land is quite a new thing.

The Bible says the world is a lot younger than 10 million years. It says the earth is less than 7000 years old. That's why there is still so much land above the sea.
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