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The World We Miss

Sunday School Activity Sheet: The World We Miss

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short name: The World We Miss
nutshell: Our senses

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Wording of this Handout:

We humans have very good eye sight, and we can hear well too. We can smell things, and taste things, and touch things, and we can move about with great skill and speed. . . but there are animals in our world which can see, and hear, smell and taste, and feel and move with much greater skill.

For example dogs can smell things we are not even aware of. Can you follow someone's foot print trail through a busy street?

Cats can see better than us in the dark. Some birds can see many times more clearly than any human.

Chimpanzees can climb better than humans. Chimpanzees have arms which are stronger than a man's legs.

Hummingbirds can move faster than any human. Their wings beat so fast we cannot even see them.

Sharks can smell blood from many kilometers away, and some moths can pick up a particle of scent from another moth so small it is like finding a needle in a haystack.

Fish and worms can both feel the thump of our feet as we walk nearby.

Some insects see colours we never see. Where we see a white flower, a bees sees a bright blue flower.

In fact, the world which we humans take for granted, is not the same to many animals. They see, and smell, and hear, and taste, and feel a different world to the one we think is there.
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