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Sunday School Activity Sheet: Tears

tags: tear, cry

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short name: Tears
nutshell: Tears

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Wording of this Handout:

I thought you might like a sad story about tears, so get out your hankies and start crying your way through this page.
Tears are amazing! They come from above the eye socket and drop down over the eye-ball. They keep your eye from drying out.
Every time you blink, you get an new coating of tears, which means you can see without having to dab water on your eye every few minutes.
Tears also put oil on your eye, which slows down the drying-out.
Tears also put a strong germ-killer onto your eye. If you didn't have this germkiller (called lysozyme) you would have lots of eye-infections.
Tears come along when we cry. But did you know that crying is really GOOD for you. Your body has some things in it which are poisonous. When you cry, you get rid of this stuff! So don't hold your tears back - let them go. Its the best thing to do, even if you feel a bit sissy.
Tears also come when you get something in your eye. They help to wash whatever it is away. . .and where, you might ask- do all these tears go? They go down a tiny plug-hole at the side of the eye nearest to the nose. If there is too much flowing, it trickles down your face. That's when people feel really sorry for you, and you get lots of sympathy.
So what about onions? When you peel an onion, the juice sprays about and settles on your eye. When it gets there, it turns into sulphuric acid. But the tears flow down and wash it away. People who peel onions a lot would soon be blind if it were not for this wonderful amazing thing called a tear.
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