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Origin of life

Sunday School Activity Sheet: Origin of life

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short name: Origin of life
nutshell: origin of life

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Wording of this Handout:

Some people think that life came to or planet form somewhere in outer space.

The trouble with this idea is, (if its true), is that it means that now we have to figure out where life came from before it came from outer space.
If it came from somewhere else, where did it come from before that?
As you can see, there is really no end to that sort of question.... so maybe there is some other answer?
The Bible says that God created life. It says that God made this earth for life, and He made life for this earth.
this is why you will learn about something called Ecology at school. Ecology means that everything works together for the benefit of everything else.

Two simple examples:

Plants turn carbon dioxide into oxygen for animal, and animals turn oxygen into carbon dioxide for plants.
Flowers make nectar for bee, and bees take pollen to plant to plant while they collect the nectar.
Ecology shows God's wonderful creation at work.
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