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Sunday School Activity Sheet: Money

tags: money

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short name: Money
nutshell: Money

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Wording of this Handout:

What would you spend 719 billion dollars on?

Seven hundred and nineteen billion dollars is a lot of money! This is how much money part of the world spent on weapons and soldiers in just one year! In 1999 $719 billion dollars was spent by Europe and North America on tanks, guns, bombs, jets, ships and all the stuff which soldiers need to shoot and kill other people.

If you had all this money, what would you spend it on? Perhaps you would buy food for the hungry people, or help the poor people make good houses. Maybe you would give them free medicine, or build good schools? Because the human race is made of sinners who would rather hate and fight and kill than do what God says. God wants people to be kind, and to share, and to help each other. God wants the world to be full of love. Perhaps some day the world will understand God's heart?
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