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309 - You're always welcome

Sunday School Activity Sheet: 309 - You're always welcome

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short name: 309 - You're always welcome

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Wording of this Handout:

You're always welcome.

Some people always make you feel welcome. You call in to see them and the talk to you like they really enjoy having you there. And while you are with them you feel accepted, without criticism of how you are dressed, or what you are doing.

These people, who make you feel welcome, are quite often not even Christians. They have simply learned how to relax and let people be.

I remember visiting a home where a family lived. The fact that they were Maoris is neither here or there. I had never met any of these people before, but without a moment they sat me on the couch, passed a drink to me, and carried on as if I was part of the furniture.

Another home I visited, where Christians lived, were quite the opposite They made me feel as if I was intruding in their home. They seemed to be watching everything I sat on or touched in case I was contaminating it, and they talked about nothing but what they believed - and tried to find out where what they believed was different to what I believed. I was glad to get out of their company!

What kind of host are you to your friends and visitors?

Do you want to pay for that cup of tea by check, or by cash now?

The Bible says: "Receive one another, just as Christ received us..." Romans 15:7 (New King James version)
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