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311 - Submission

Sunday School Activity Sheet: 311 - Submission

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short name: 311 - Submission

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Wording of this Handout:


Some people hate this word! They hate is because it means obedience, and they think that obedience is misery.

Many woman today hate this word because the Bible teaches that wives are supposed to submit to their husbands. Many Husbands hate the word because they are supposed to submit to God.

But think about a world without submission. Workers wouldn't obey their boss. Sports people wouldn't obey the referee. Children wouldn't obey their parents. Citizens wouldn't obey the police. The military wouldn't obey the generals.

Without submission, the whole fabric of society would fall apart.

But we have to be careful about the opposite to submission - fawning, groveling servility, or slavery, or enslavement. That is a horrible thing to see. God never expects anyone to submit to him like this, because God loves us. He does not want to crush us, or take away or freedom.

All God requires is simple, sensible submission, and that is all. Not too much and not tool little.

Ok- from now on we will have no rules!

So that's the new rule is it?

The Bible says: "Submit yourselves to God." James 4:7 (New International version)
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