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The Amazing Bee ( 2 of 2 )

Sunday School Activity Sheet: The Amazing Bee ( 2 of 2 )

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short name: The Amazing Bee ( 2 of 2 )

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Bees have special stomachs, called honey-stomachs, which they use to carry nectar to their nests (They also have loot-stomachs, which they use to carry stolen goods about in, and belch stomachs, which they use for making huge burps with, and music-stomachs, which they use to play Beethoven and other classics with).

Honeybees are social insects. (This means they like going to discos, the movies, and parties together).

A large group of bees is called a colony. Colonies work together like on big, happy family. (The queen arranges the parties, the workers serve the drinks and dip, and the drones clean up the mess the next morning).

To make a kilogram of honey, a bee may have travel the equivalent of 4 times the width of the United States. (They go by train, helicopter, but and skateboard. But most bees are too smart for all this - they just by their honey at the local super mart).

Bees have been studies for hundreds of years, yet there are still many mysteries to be worked out (Such as how they manage to watch TV while they are outside the hive, or where they keep their toilet paper, or how come the queen never does the dishes).

Even Shakespeare admired the bee. In his play about Romeo and Juliet, he has Romeo saying: "Ah, to be a bee, or not to be a bee."
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