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MMag 134 Early bird

Sunday School Activity Sheet: MMag 134 Early bird

tags: worm, bird, early bird, early, late, too late, meal, eat, beat up, boxing, karate, martial arts, sleep, early bird gets the bird

handout id: 4074
short name: MMag 134 Early bird
nutshell: The early bird gets fish and chips!

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Wording of this Handout:

The Early Bird


"Whoops! I slept in again!!"

"Ahah! A worm! A LATE one...but a worm nonetheless!"

Kick! CHOP! Flip!

"Karate expert worm!"


"Another one!"

"Are you good at Karate?"



"Looks like I got up too late for worms."

"I'll just have to get a meal some other way..."

"Fish and chips!"
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