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MMag 129 Bible facts

Sunday School Activity Sheet: MMag 129 Bible facts
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Wording of this Handout:

The Bible is a wonderful book.

It starts with the history of the world, right from the beginning of everything. It tells us where people came from, and what they were like.

It also has some science in it, and some astronomy, some geography and art, some architecture and language, some plants and animals, some customs and traditions. There is hardly a subject which it does not have something to say about.

It tells us about people who lived many years ago, in different lands. It tells us about honesty and courage, foolishness and betrayal. It tells us about old people and children. The Bible is full of widow too. Some of the most intelligent people in the world and some of the not so intelligent have learned from the Bible.

The Bible also has stories, some funny, some sad. There is so much to find in the Bible that nobody has ever found it all.

And the best of all the Bible tells us about Jesus.


There was a young man whose devotion
To hand-creams and thick gooey lotions,
Was excessively strong,
So it wasn't too long,
Till he drowned in a moister-free ocean.
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