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Great Movies We Never Saw

Sunday School Activity Sheet: Great Movies We Never Saw

tags: humor

handout id: 4160
short name: Great Movies We Never Saw
nutshell: Joke page.

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Wording of this Handout:

Great movies we never saw: Pot Detective, Alice Through The Top Window, Annie Get Your Scone, 20001 A Space Oddity, Bad Nibs and Brushes, Clockwork Grapefruit, Co-Operation Day

The only race with no winners and no losers! The Human Race!

Trick question: How long does an eight-day wonder last?

If you knew everything...would you be able to think?

Elephants are always ready for a swim because they always carry their trunks with them.

Join the dots-to make it a bit more difficult, the dots have been hidden somewhere in Africa!

"Hey, does anyone need a hand?"

A deadline.

A football.

Buggis,nippis, toeus, hardis, soris, ouchis, all nightis.

A shabby, flabby tabby.

A may-bee.

Donuts with extra holes.

"Hi Dad, I just spotted a bird." "Yuk!"

Spot the difference: crumpet trumpet. Which of these two objects would you eat with butter?

New super stick tape-impossible to unroll!

Which is lighter? A ton of air or a ton of snow? They're both the same.

What do eskimos use to stick things together? Igloo!

This space for rent.

If you don't have enough room to swing a cat, try a dog instead.

"Hey Dad, did you know that smoking is bad for you?"
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