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Poems by Anita Anderson

Pass Over Me Father
This poem begins with the very first Passover and carries over to Christ being my Passover Lamb at Calvary.

Christmas Alone finalist in poetry contest
I was inspired to write this after hearing someone's testimony.

God Came as Man
There's so much more to the Christmas story than Jesus being born. He set an example that we should strive to follow.

Don't Put Jesus Away
I thought this was just a different way to remind us that we need to keep Jesus up front and foremost in our lives all year long not just at Christmas.

A Verse for Mother's Day
A simple Mother's Day poem that can be easily read by a child.

To My Mommy
A simple Mother's Day poem that can be easily read by a child.

He's Been There
When you get discouraged by life's struggles, remember the sufferings of Christ as He traveled the road to Calvary and know that He understands and that He suffered because He cares.

When I See a Cross
A fellow Christian once voiced disapproval of the cross being a popular symbol of Christianity since a cross represents suffering and death. This poem addresses the sufferings of Christ on the cross but also what I get to experience because of it.

An Easter Theme
Though Jesus was cruelly beaten and hung on a shameful cross to die, death did not win; He rose again to give me eternal life.