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Poems by Brenda Sydnor

Redemption or Rejection?
When Christ returns for his bride, there will be rejoicing. But there will also be chaos and regret for those who rejected Christ.

The Bride
We are God's bride, and in his eyes we are beautiful. Our flaws or sins have been removed by his blood.

Your Mirror
One day I was looking at a picture of a mountain reflected in a river. And I thought we should be a reflection of Jesus that others should see when they look at us.

God's Plan
None of us are here by accident. God has a plan for our lives. It is God's will that we fulfill that purpose.

God gave me a revelation. He told me he had a purpose for my life. He said to have patience, and fulfill my purpose, and I would be together again with my daughter who went to heaven before me.

In Your Presence
In times of despair, if you just lay your heart down at the altar, and praise the Lord, your burdens will seem less heavy.

Coming in Glory
Seeing Jesus as sunlight breaks through the clouds.

I See God
When I look at the beauty of God's creation, I know he is real.

An Unearthly Vision
Heaven seems so hard to comprehend. I have been trying to envision what Heaven will be like.