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Poems by Brian Smith

Your Choice
This is America, you have the choice of what you want to believe. God gave you that right before any of our American forefathers were born. But that doesn't mean the choice you make will be the right one. We don't have to pretend they're all good choi

A Real Man
God gave me this for my father a few years ago on Fathers Day.

The Wound finalist in poetry contest
The first poem our Father gave me to write, when he brought me out of religion and showed His salvation to me out of His Word. Sorry I need color font to show who is speaking in each part, but that wasn't a formatting option for submission.

A Prayer For Our Fallen first in poetry contest
Something that hit me long after 9/11, after our nation had recovered from the immediate aftershocks, after God answered our prayers to surround and comfort us, and we resumed our tireless efforts to remove Him from public sight.

I Fell Again...
A story of stumbling along the road of life, how the peaks and lows of our relationship with Christ affect us, and how I see it ending.