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Poems by Cheryll MayberrySmith

Black Sheep
Oh yes, my family has more than one. But they are still loved and prayed for. This poem offers hope that is ever present in God's loving forgiveness. When it comes to sin, we all are black sheep.

Thy Will Be Done
My very first poem regarding salvation was about the cross. I thought there is only so much one can say about the cross but God proved me wrong. He gave me another and another and it seems they just keep coming.

In youth we tend to be foolish. As we age we grow in wisdom. We begin to see life with a much different point of view.

When A Man Loses His Way
I witnessed this change happening to someone close to me. I wrote this poem from his point of view, when he finally realizes his life took a wrong turn.

My Comfort
I have had my share of suffering. Yet I can find others enduring far worse. No matter what our degree of hardship and pain, Psalm 119:50 gives strength and comfort.

Be Still
One of my favorite yet one of the shortest passages is Psalm 46:10. It made me think a little deeper and here's another humble offering.

Eye On The Sparrow
I love and enjoy birds. This simple poem came after reading Matthew 10:29-31

Journey With Jesus
I love art and often search through the work of some of the finest Christian artists today. It was work done by Michael Belk that drew this poem from my heart.

Divine Love
I have often tried to fully embrace the concept of God's love, and it seems an impossible task. Knowing how great and unique His love is for us, should cause us to pause more often and give thanks.