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Poems by Connie K Cameron

poem count: 30 | pages: 4 | first place: 1 time | finalist: 11 times
Heaven Waits finalist in poetry contest
My husband is in very bad health. This poem is for my husband.

We need to spend more time with God and get off the T.V. for a while!

My mom and dad met in Germany when he was a soldier. They had 60 beautiful years together before he passed away.

Lost Innocence
There has been so much in the news about children doing terrible things, our children need Jesus

To Measure His Love
Jesus is with me even in the hard times

Christmas Eve
This is a poem about when I was a child and my family went to midnight mass every Christmas Eve

It's No Risk finalist in poetry contest
To be saved from a non believer's point of view

Pain finalist in poetry contest
This poem is about the world as it is today.

The Trial
Feeling bad, needing Jesus to help me