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Poems by Dennis Donald

poem count: 16 | pages: 2 | finalist: 12 times
A Devil of a Dilemma. Genesis Ch 3. finalist in poetry contest
Satan looks back over his mischievous plots which overshot the mark, and ended in disaster.

Happy New Year! Genesis 8.13
A light-hearted look at Noah's arrival on dry land, brought by the grace of God into a world of new beginnings on the 'first day of the first month'.

Like Father, Like Son. Genesis 1.27 and 5.3 finalist in poetry contest
The traits of Father-God were lost by Adam, and thus by his children. But those traits found in the Sonship of Jesus can be reinstalled.

The Seamless Shirt finalist in poetry contest
I had the thought of the seamless garment worn by Jesus before his crucifixion embracing the seamless union of the incarnation.

A glimpse into the journey which led Nicodemus to Jesus.

Jonah's Big Mistake finalist in poetry contest
I'm submitting this in the hope that children will enjoy this lighthearted look at the story of Jonah.

Zacchaeus. Luke Ch. 19 finalist in poetry contest
A fanciful glimpse as Zacchaeus grows up, and comes face to face with Jesus.

King David's Soliloquy finalist in poetry contest
The King, his pen poised over what would become Psalm 23, reflects on his shepherd days.

The Stone-mason's Yard. Jeremiah Ch. 2 v. 13 finalist in poetry contest
While reflecting on this passage, into my imagination wandered a scene of Jeremiah in a stone-mason's yard.