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Poems by Dennis Newton

poem count: 16 | pages: 2 | second place: 1 time | finalist: 1 time
Last Day On Planet Earth
Our times are in the hands of God. We must prepare for that day, for we do not when that day will come. We must choose this day who we will serve.

White Flag Day
Our battles are not ours alone. Having been accepted in Christ, we have a God who fights our battles for us. We only need to surrender to His will and trust Him daily.

True Love
The love of God is unlike any other love our hearts can ever know. God's love is patient, His love is kind. God's love led Him to the cross.

It Won't Be Long
God's love is patient and kind. Though we may be weary in the waiting, we will se the Lord in His time. It won't be long.

Why Don't Angels Cry?
God's angels are all about us, and always about our Father's business. And one of their greatest joys is ministering and keeping watch over God's own.

All is calm, All is bright
With the birth of Christ, all mankind has the opportunity to be born again, free from sin and have a secured place around the very throne of God.

The Bottle
During the pressing times that break our earthly hearts, God sees, and not one tear is ever out of God's loving care. “You number my wanderings; put my tears into Your bottle” Psalm 56:8

Forty Days and Forty Nights
For forty days and forty nights, Jesus went into the wilderness to be tempted and tried. And the most amazing aspect of God's love is that with each moment of suffering the Savior experienced, it was we, He was thinking of.

The Revealing second in poetry contest
As we walk through this life, we can choose to go forward without the Lord's help, while facing the consequences of our actions. Or, we can be attentive to the Lord, seeking His will at all times, and awaiting His awesome revelations along our way.