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Poems by Earl W Haskins

poem count: 15 | pages: 2 | finalist: 9 times
Life Rocks
As my father died of cancer, I wanted to write a poem as a Christian inspirational piece regarding this battle.

Someone Did
Elements coming together for a '"big bang" came from where? Every explosion known to man creates disorder (volcanic eruptions, meteor impacts, lightening, dynamite, etc.). But the biggest explosion ever resulted in perfect order?

Your Ticket's at Will Call
Like an event ticket already bought and paid for and just waiting to be picked up, salvation for ALL of us is just waiting at will Call.

I think of heaven a lot, and although I can barely wait to see what "our minds can't conceive," I also want to be here for my young son. But if we both go in the rapture...BONUS!

Broken Egg
Inspired by those who believe God is merely a God of vengeance and just waiting to punish.

Just Wait
A poem on faith and the difficulty, if not frustration, of waiting on the Lord.