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Poems by Emanuel Lucero

Five Praise Haiku
Haiku is to reveal a truth - Our Father is the well spring of truth - hence, Praise Haiku

Time Enough finalist in poetry contest
The historical event that defines us all. A factual, undeniable risen Savior

Not Funny
burdened by guilt, beleaguered by Satan, God watchful always of my state mercy and blessings in abundance, unwavering patience, salvation,

Blessed Succor finalist in poetry contest
defiance, deliberate , resistance recedes from loves assault, penitence proffered, redemption rewarded

fearful but not fear stricken, under attack and overwhelmed, overwhelm meets overcome, blessed alliance

Free Indeed
emerging believer, still hesitant, doubtful. remnants of stubborn self, and spiritual awakening

a recounting of personal struggle, of a resistant self will, to eventuall surrender