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Poems by John Janzen

Thanks and Giving
Thanks + giving = Thanksgiving. Giving is one of the best expressions of our thanks. Praise God for the greatest of gifts in Jesus.

"A" is for.....
An Alphabet Poem.

Service for the Gospel's Sake
The Scriptures highlight many who served faithfully with the Gospel. This poem challenges the reader to consider their service in the Gospel.

Heaven's Yard Sale
The old Adam's trash is the new Adam's treasure.

Dead End finalist in poetry contest
Setting our affections on things above, on things to come, on things beyond what we see in the faded mirror of life.

From Here to There first in poetry contest
God takes pleasure in our pursuit of Him. He is the God who orchestrated the gap between where we find ourselves and where we'd like ourselves to be. He does this for good reason.

Humble Pie finalist in poetry contest
Less of me and more of Thee expressed in love to others.

A Link in the Chain finalist in poetry contest
Luke 16:10 He that is faithful in that which is least is faithful also in much..... God is an expert at using powerfully what we offer in weakness. He is able to do great things with what seems but small offerings on our part.

Come and Dine
The invitation has been made to partake of the Lord's table through His goodness rather than our own. We partake by faith in the finished work of Christ.