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Poems by Kevin Smead

poem count: 68 | pages: 8 | first place: 3 times | second place: 2 times | finalist: 26 times
Come to Jesus finalist in poetry contest
Jesus said that anyone who comes to Him will not be cast out. This is a promise upon which we can rest. Regardless of who you are, there is hope in Christ.

The Rich Young Ruler
The Rich Young Ruler came to Jesus seeking eternal life. The problem was that he thought eternal life had to be earned. Jesus faithfully showed him that this was impossible, and also taught his disciples this valuable lesson.

Christ is no Partial Savior finalist in poetry contest
The Bible reveals the shocking truth that sinners can be saved by grace alone, without the works of the law. Any attempt on our part to work for God's favor reveals a condition of unbelief.

One Perfect Life finalist in poetry contest
This reminds us that there are many ways that people seek to be righteous in God's sight, but any way other than the cross of Christ leaves people lost in their sin. Only Jesus can save us from our sins and give us the gift of eternal life.

The Fullness of the Cross
The Bible says that we have all gone astray and are by nature lost. Thankfully, it also tells us the way to return home to God. That way is the cross of Jesus Christ. By looking to the cross we see the love of God and the gracious way that he restores us

New Beginnings
It is easy for Christians to get off of track and spend many long weeks, months, or even years wondering in the wilderness. It is important for us at such times to remember that God can give us a new beginning and restore us to our first love.

Adam and Eve
The story of Adam and Even graphically reminds us of the evil of sin and of the awesome holiness of God. In addition to that, it also reminds us of the mercy, grace, and love of God. Even though they had fallen, God merciful clothed them.

Peter Do You Love Me?
There have been many times when I have failed the Lord. At such times the story of Peter has often been an encouragement to me. The Lord is so compassionate and kind to us even when we fail. He is able to restore us and use us yet again.

Not To Be Despised
There are many dear saints of God who have stood faithful to the Lord over the years.. They may be faint, but they are still pursuing. They may be weak, but they still hold the promises of God dear. May we all be encouraged to emulate their walk of faith