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Poems by louis gander

poem count: 388 | pages: 44 | first place: 48 times | second place: 37 times | finalist: 256 times
This Fragile Snowflake
Luke 23:34 “Then said Jesus, Father, forgive them; for they know not what they do..."

From A Lowly Manger
This Christmas, may we also be humble, thankful, generous and loving.

The Christmas Child finalist in poetry contest
Over Christmas, don't fall into the trap in this up-side-down world....

Thanksgiving, then and now first in poetry contest
Are our troubles worse than the Pilgrims had? Are we as thankful as the Pilgrims were?

Without a Fear
God protects. Trust Him.

Knock Knock
There was a knock on the old door, but knew not who that knock was for...

Atop A Silly Post
We have two major decisions to face in life...

Sailing On! second in poetry contest
If life was like a ship...

And Christian Be finalist in poetry contest
There's nothing more I'd rather see, than you..............