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Poems by louis gander

poem count: 392 | pages: 44 | first place: 50 times | second place: 37 times | finalist: 260 times
Unfurl Our Flag Again first in poetry contest
The problems in our country and world today are not of God and not by Christians, but rather by Satan and those who enable sin.

Don't Read This
A Children's Poem about right and wrong.

Memories finalist in poetry contest
Remembering true love... and reality.

His Holy Name first in poetry contest
Life is futile without God.

May our words always contain love and empathy.

Selflessly finalist in poetry contest
I'll not be focused on myself...

The Halo's Glow
Are we so blind we cannot see the halo's glow?

Beneath That Old Cross finalist in poetry contest
Feeling guilty? There is a remedy that cures it once and for all.

The Lonely Lost Poet finalist in poetry contest
If you've tried writing but got interrupted with commotion, sounds and other distractions, try this...