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Poems About Spiritual Growth

Obedience from the Heart
What if obedience is different than we thought? The obedience God desires is that which overflows from a loving heart.

Sand Castles
What are we building our lives on?

My Story is not Finished
God continues to shape, mold and transform us into His likeness. What a blessing to know He is not finished with us yet!

With The Holy Spirit
Walking with the Holy Spirit

Less is More
We live in a selfish world that promotes materialistic desires and encourages an attitude of self promotion. Success is desired by us all. This poem is a reminder that we should humble ourselves before Him and allow Him to succeed through us.

My thirsty Heart
Jesus invites thirsty souls to come to Him and drink the living water that He alone can give. Although we willingly turn to Him this poem expresses a need to feel an increasing desire to drink more deeply.

Step by Step
We need to learn to take it step by step. Allowing God to transform us from what we were before - to what we are now in His grace. The blessing is He is with us in every step along the way!

My Sometimes; His Always
God is always faithful, even though sometimes we struggle. Time for us to lean into His strength.

I Wonder
This poem is a reflection of someone stuggling with their Spiritual growth. She wants to do everything to please God but this world is constantly trying to pull her in.

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