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Refiner's Fire
Are you asking God why you're going through a trial! This poem may help you find an answer to your question.

My heart will not fear
This poem was inspired by one of my favorite Psalms, Psalm 91. Jesus has all the power in heaven and on earth, in Him I feel perfectly safe.

Lonely, But Never Alone...
I have spent my life as an introvert, and poetry has been my only real outlet for my deepest emotions. I lost my wife in 2017 to MS, and have recently relocated and started over. It has been a lonely season, but I have not walked alone...

The Last Lie
I have spent many nights struggling with the kind of thoughts shared in the following poem. I wrote the poem both to answer these negative thoughts and feelings in my own life and to someday help others like me.

I Fear Not
I fear not when in the Lord

When Evil Comes
When evil comes, God intervenes

All resolved in Christ

God comes in to save us every time, and He has never left us. This poem is about my realization that when I thought I was dying, He was, in fact, saving me.

A prayer and a song
Climb your mountain with a prayer and a song

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