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Poetry About Jesus

The Halo's Glow
Are we so blind we cannot see the halo's glow?

Jesus wept with heartbroken Mary and Martha. Jesus wept at Gethsemane, Believers wept at their loss. Someday it is the accusers who will wept.

Wonder what Jesus's boyhood was like? Since He came and lived as human flesh, perhaps he enjoyed what most boys enjoy. It also must have been a time of preparation. If we want to know Jesus we must do so in our heart. We don't need portraits.

In the late 90s, I wrote a series of 22 poems celebrating the names of God/Jesus. Most of the poems dealt with a distinct title, i.e., The Good Shepherd, The Great Physician, etc. The last one, however, was quite simply -- the names. This is that poem.

In Christ Alone
In Christ alone shall all things stand

All Wise Almighty God
By knowing God, by loving God, I will learn His will for me.

Three Days
A short poem contrasting the three days of the birth, death, and resurrection of Jesus, and linking them together in their eternal context.

Go Ye
Matthew 28:18 states that because all power is given to Jesus, we should go. That's because we're empowered by Him.

My Lord, My Savior
This simple truth is the stronghold and all the strength Believers will ever need.

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