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Missions & Evangelism Poetry

The Ark That Saves finalist in poetry contest
An analogy of the Son as our living Ark that saves from the flood of God's coming wrath

Winter's Chill second in poetry contest
I wrote this poem because of how evident it is that prophecy is being fulfilled and the Lord's return is coming nearer day by day. It was written to encourage us to use the time that we have been given wisely and to reach the lost for Jesus Christ.

Engulfed in fire
A poem about Holy Ghost baptism for evangelism.

The Evangelist
This is dedicated to a man I see who faithfully stands on a street corner handing our gospel tracts. In all weathers.

Pave The Way
Pave the way for souls to know God

The Man Who Makes Us Cry
This poem is an experience of what happened to someone whom I know

Serving Jesus
God will put each of us where He needs us.

A Closed Circle
We have seen them or experienced them--church leadership reluctant to new ways of doing things or people, fearing loss of control. But the duty of a church is to help each individual become the best they can be and bring new believers.

Seeking direction from God

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