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God's Love, Grace & Mercy Poetry

Only Through Christ
Salvation only through Jesus Christ

The Power of Grace
Concerning the awesome power of Grace.

Refuge of His Grace
Some seasons of life are simply hard. However whatever the season is we can rest safe in the refuge of God's grace. Through the hard we can still taste and see that God is good!

The Cross
A reflection on the Cross.

Little Children
One way that Jesus sees us

Light of Grace
Sometimes life is hard. Grey skies all around us. But take a closer look His light is doing something beautiful with the clouds that surround us. Bringing a color that brings a beauty that dispels the shadows of doubt!

Walking Set Free
The trials of life can distract us from the grace that God gives. Time for us to start walking set free, claiming all the blessings and hope found when we fall to our knees!

Son, Go Answer The Door
Describes someone who is fighting life trials and is looking for help from God. They are unsure and afraid He may not answer their plea for help. But of course, He does.

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