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Poems About Heaven

After a tough time on this sinful earth, a time to enjoy.

What is Heaven like? This is my take on what the transition from here to there will be like.

A Reality Greater Than A Dream
To go to Heaven and see the One who died for me is a dream of mine that one day will be a reality!

"Colors of Heaven"
Do we as Christians ever ponder the colors of Heaven? Are they the same ones as ours on Earth?

I Seek A Better Country
I’m getting ready for a flight to a better country of which the Bible speaks.

It is a poem about heaven, describing our short time to spend here on earth and remembering us about our eternal abode.

In The Sweet By and By
God gave me this poem after I survived from having a heart attack. My desire is that others may know there is hope of eternal life, beyond the grave. Praise His Wonderful Name! I would like this read at the time of my passing, for Jesus sake.

4th Verse to Day by Day
I always felt like the classic hymn Day by Day seemed incomplete finishing with "..'til I reach the promised land." I wanted to address the promised land meeting.

I Long...
The desire to depart and be with Christ

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