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Inspirational Poems

Morsels of Your Word
How bits of God's word are fitted together over time in the inner man to form a tree of truth.

The Way, the Truth and the Life
Nature always has God's fingerprints in the midst of it, which makes me commune with HIm and remember that He is always there whether I am aware of His presence or not.

Feelings of Chagrin
Many times we find ourselves weighted down with burdens, causing us to feel chagrin. However, when we seek the Lord, He offers His yoke in exchange for ours.

A Lonesome Tattered Man
This poem tells of a lonely, tattered man who was overlooked by many until a little girl and her mother befriended him and helped to fulfill God's Plan.

Bring back
Of many thoughts

His Touching Hand
The wonder of God's touch, and then He touched me.

God's unfailing promises
This poem explores the juxtaposition between the ephemeral nature of human promises in contrast to the enduring and unwavering promises of God. It conveys the idea that while worldly commitments may often disappoint and fall short, God's divine assurance

Steadfast Feet
Asking God to bless us with steadfast feet; ones that will not stumble when confronted by obstacles and allowing them to be quick when dodging the enemy, and diligent when carrying us to share the Good News with others.

Consider the wonder's of God's creations, and His ultimate expression of love for us.

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