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Salvation Poems

Once And For All
I wrote this poem in 1999, after reading Romans chapters 6-7. It speaks of how Christ died on the cross once, so that all people could be saved.

Heaven and Hell
This poem is designed to communicate a simple truth of Scripture: that we may either trust in the mercy and grace of Christ for eternal life, or not side with Christ and regret such for eternity—God is a God of mercy and love, but also of justice.

Jesus is the Way
Inspired by the scripture of John 14 : 6

Knock and the door shall open
He is always there and always ready.

To be a Christian
A short poem on what it means to be a Christian

Forever saved finalist in poetry contest
A poem about what it means to be saved…

A Child of God finalist in poetry contest
A friend of mine was recently baptised into God’s loving family. My original intention was to pen these words in a general way for all children of God, but the poem took a life of its own and I soon found that my writing described him as God’s child.

Ol’ Jim and the Milky Way
A cowboy’s encounter with the cosmos

SEIZE THE DAY finalist in poetry contest
Do not tarry...Grab onto The Lord while his Grace abounds

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