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Salvation Poems

Holding on to the moment that I came to Jesus
Reflecting upon how the disciples must have felt during and after their experience when Jesus was transfigured and comparing it to the first time I met Jesus

Born Again
Though I have verbally shared my testimony on many occasions, this is the first time I set it in rhyme.

Held Up In Prayer
Our hearts break for those adults we love who deny Jesus as their Lord, even though as children they accepted Him as Savior. There may still be time for them to repent, we can hold them up in prayer with faith before the Lord.

New Testament
The word triunity refers to the trinity. I use the term wrestling like the apostle Paul does in Eph. 6:12. I use the term asps as in Rom. 3:13, to refer to evil spirits. Covenant and testament have the same meaning as in Heb. 8:13.

Starting Fresh...No Regret
A poem for those who regret their past and hope to find a better way.

The Past Redeemed
The past redeemed by the Lord

He was not Willing
Go out and serve our King!

The Purpose
A poem about finding purpose in the pain.

Love Set Me Free
The salvation story

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