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Faith Poetry

All Things
God is still the same. As Scripture says, with God there is no "variableness nor shadow of turning." We may live in a different dispensation, but we serve the same God. Our faith should lay hold of the reality of His presence and power.

Don't Miss Out
A call to all to not miss out on the new life the Lord offers each of us.

Trust Him More
Describes the many things we trust in life but ultimately how we trust God more.

The power of faith in our lives.

My short life doesn't last until He comes in and washed me clean, and all I have to do is surrender to Him.

A poem of praise
Just thinking how awesome it is to worship God and how privileged I am to know Him

If You Ask
A true response within a hypothetical scenario.

How Grateful finalist in poetry contest
Our helpless state and the work of the Lord to overcome in our behalf.

A Faithful Writer
With lesser jobs today, I am who the poem is about. I had my faith shaken but God kept pulling me out of it. I think a lot of people can relate. And then I started doing what was prophesied about me, to be a revolutionary writer.

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