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Friendship Poems

Listening so you may Hear
Are we really listening?

For Your Peace
A verse exhorting a friend who has stepped wrong to get back on track with Jesus.

Touched by a teenager
God used a 14 year old girl to share the love of Jesus with me, in a laundromat in 1972. .

Reaching Out
It is so important to maintain our friendships, and to nurture them. And we must continue to nurture them, lest they may atrophy.

"Challenged" people can be hard to befriend but they need love the most. Behind their annoying behavior they are crying for love and acceptance. Perhaps the tragic end to this poem will remind everyone to love the unlovable as Christ loves us.

As the saying goes, some are in our life for a season, some for a reason and some for a lifetime. All are a blessing but cherish the one who understands your heart and stays to the end.

Bee 1 and Bee 2 finalist in poetry contest
Life isn't fair, or is it?

Release for Increase
For many of us, self-reliance has been needful for life survival. Within becoming a new creation, gaining a new identity we have to learn how to release this part of us. Through this release we strengthen our relationship with Jesus and the Holy Spirit.

Thoughts of Grace
To a social media friend of mine.

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