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Christian Hope

A poem about false freedom and true freedom.

In Christ
This poem explores what we have in Christ - the hope and life He brings

A poem comparing our earthly home with our true home.

Forever Love Reigns
God's love reigns, His mercy rains down on us, and His love & mercy are my reins.

The Change
The sweet joy of God living in us.

The Light Before Dawn
We have this hope of the Lord’s coming as a light against the dark sky before dawn.

My Changed Life
The before and after contrast of knowing God.

Reach Out
After He reaches out to us, it is our responsibility to then reach out to Him and take hold.

Blue Skies
A poem for when you cannot see a blue sky on your horizon. Be assured its beauty is still there - found in Christ alone!We should worship Him even though life is clouded and hard - for this will give us a true perspective of what is valuable in life.

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