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Stand Fast

by Ronald Shultz © 1992

When life gets bizarre and you're feeling mighty tense.
Remember Grace is God's Riches At Christ's Expense.
When temptations abound and you are weak in the knees,
Take hold of the promises and stand fast in your liberties.

Times can get tough and into sin you may fall.
Confess it and rejoice that you are free from the law.
Burdens may get heavy and you will not feel very blest.
Take His yoke upon you and in Him learn to rest.

When Satan laughs in your face and you want him to flee,
Plant your feet on the Rock and shout, "Christ liveth in me!"
Take the offensive! Use the Sword and the Shield!
Put on the full armor of God and never, never yield!

Some preach Christ, in truth, and others to cause strife.
Some just like to play God in your life!
Ignore the doctrines of men, no matter what their degree!
Gird on the Truth, for it has made you free!

This poem was a finalist in the November 2005 poetry contest

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