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How Nicodemus came to Jesus

by Bettina Van Vaerenbergh

There was a man named Nicodemus, a truly devoted Pharisee;
In the night he came to Jesus, because well, you see -
He'd heard so many things about this wonder-working rabbi,
That his curiosity took over; despite him being very shy.

Who was this teacher all the common people were talking about?
Who was Jesus really? - he badly wanted to find out.
"Rabbi", so spoke Nicodemus, a bit awkward and aloof -
"God is with You, that is certain, Your miracles are proof."

Jesus looked at the Pharisee; He was not in the least impressed…
Nicodemus' belief was shallow; no matter how well he was dressed.
"A man must be born again", He answered, "this I say to you" -
"Or he cannot see God's Kingdom; so it is, I tell you that it's true."

Nicodemus was baffled, he couldn't believe what he just heard;
He was trying to grasp, with all his might, the meaning of this Word.
"Rabbi, how can an old man, like myself, be born all over again?
I don't see how that could possibly be; so explain it to me then."

"Verily, verily", said Jesus, "you must be born of water, and the Spirit";
"Only then can you see God's Kingdom, and enter into it."
"The new birth is a lot like the wind; it's an incomprehensible mystery…
You can hear the wind blow, but where it's from you cannot see."

"If I have told you earthly things, and My witness you don't receive;
Then, if I speak to you of heavenly things, how will you believe?
No man has ascended up to heaven, but the One who came down -
The Son of Man; He it is, with whom you are talking right now."

"Remember how Moses lifted up the brass serpent, in the wilderness?
So must the Son of Man be lifted up also; to save, and to bless.
God sent not His Son into the world to condemn the world, but to save;
I tell you: whosoever believes in Him, will be rescued from the grave."

"All who believe in His name will surely not come into condemnation;
They will have eternal life; and God will show them His salvation.
Believe Me when I tell you, Nicodemus, believe you now My Word:
God gave His only begotten Son; so much loved He the world!"

"But mankind's deeds are evil; and therefore they hate the Light -
They prefer the darkness rather; the secret cover of the night.
Everyone who does truth, who does good, they will surely draw near;
Yes, everyone who does God's will, comes to the Light without fear."

Nicodemus went home later that night; his head full of questions…
He knelt down on the floor of his house; to say a prayer of repentance.
The words he heard had changed him forever, nothing was like before;
From that moment on he would follow Jesus, that much was for sure!

- -

Three years later, from afar, he watched how Jesus was crucified.
His heart was bleeding; the One they so loved, their only hope, had died.
Jesus had changed his life, even though he'd followed Him secretly -
Now the least he could do, was to ensure the Lord was buried decently.

As Nicodemus went to see Pilate, he took a long, deep breath -
With Joseph's help he claimed Jesus' body; to honor their Lord in death.
That day he stepped out of the shadows; the anonymity of the night -
Boldly he stood as a disciple of Christ; the Messiah; the only true Light!

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