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by Ronald Shultz

Sep 18, 1970 The Navigator

Our souls are like ships
Lost in a squall until we
Let Christ take the wheel.

Sep 18, 1970 More Precious Than Blood

Only love gives you
Life. Without it you are a
Mobile vegetable!

May 13, 1976 Aftermath

The gray clouds disperse.
Leaves sparkling like diamonds.
God's promise appears.

May 13, 1976 The Plasma of Salvation

My soul was bleeding
To death 'til Christ pumped His
Blood into my heart.

May 13, 1976 Relief

Jesus, please save me!
Rid me of all the burdens
My shoulders must bear!

June 3, 1995 Christian Soldiers

Brothers united
To take a stand for Christ.
What a mighty host!

Not a haiku but short

July 15, 00 The Rock

The rock! The rock!
The forces of evil rage
Around me like a wildfire!
Fears, doubts, and failures
Howl fiercely within me,
But I will stand. I WILL STAND
On the Rock, on the Rock!
That Rock is Jesus!!

And one fer fun.

Jun. 20, 1994 Silver Spurs

Broken bones, lost teeth,
Bull snot swirling in air.
Rodeo. Gee Haw!

Finally a tribute to an American son.

1/29/05 He Has Fallen

Young Marine Bobby lies still.
His war is over, yet he
Lives in honor in our hearts.

(In honor of Cpl. Robert P. Warns, II of Waukesha, WI, who finished his duty 8 Nov 04 in Iraq) SEMPER FI!!!!

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