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by Ronald Shultz © 2004

Alas, Alas, my youth is far spent!
Where could have those fifty years went?
On my soul, I am just a child.
In my body, aging runs too wild!

I cannot bemoan the years that are past.
I must live the today that runs so fast.
Tomorrow may come, but no one knows.
Today is the only chance for our souls.

Memories of sin flood my head.
Without the grace of God I’d be dead.
Tears abounding cannot cleanse these sins.
The Blood of Christ alone saves our skins.

Yesterday I failed Him and today as well.
These and tomorrow’s sins on His shoulders fell.
How can I deny Him to be my soul’s Boss,
When He saved me from Hell and eternal loss?

The sun of my life is setting it’s almost gone.
Yet today He gives me a vibrant joyful song.
His Cross the only road to Heaven paved.
Today, Christ assures me that I am saved.

Today, my friend, come to His arms.
Receive forgiveness for the sin that harms
Not only your body but also your eternal soul.
Call on Jesus now! He will make you completely whole!

Yesterday is gone, tomorrow not sure.
Today is the time to receive His cure.
Don’t hesitate! Please trust Christ today!
Then we’ll walk with Him in that eternal day!

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