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by Ronald Shultz

Thanking people is sometimes hard to do.
Lord, it should be so easy to thank You!
Indeed, it is a mystery without a clue.
The easiest thing we seldom, or never do.

It is good, My Lord, you do not bless
Unless we are in a mood of thankfulness.
How sad we would be; shedding many a tear
To only get your blessings once a year!

With the amount of thanks, that we give,
Glory be, they are not required for You to live!
Our heads would hang low with faces red,
For oh, dear God, You would be dead!

Lord, at our tables this Thanksgiving, draw near
And teach us to thank You each day of the year.
Lord, not a quick thing before we eat or sleep!
Let the river of thankfulness run soul deep!

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