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by Emanuel Lucero © 2020

Demons taunting me with dares
Saying no one really cares
Taking me, I know not where
Fearful of my going there

Nightmares make me toss and turn
For peaceful sleep I so yearn
Demons please let me adjourn
You have nothing I should learn

Stop your stalking of my form
Making my life so forlorn
I am weary, I am worn
Wishing I was never born

God above please comfort me
Descend now and make them flee
Darkness only do I see
This place I wish not to be

Suddenly a flash so bright
An illuminating light
Jesus comes with all his might
Demons run away in fright

You heard my cry of despair
Doubting you were truly there
Your love is beyond compare
Showing me, you truly care

True believers never doubt
When demons are all about
Jesus comes with all his clout
Dispersing them with a shout

Lord of might and Lord of light
Ever there to help me fight
Causing Satan to take flight
Glory Jesus, my delight!

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