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Mystery of Godliness

by Michael Howard © 2019

How high is the mystery of godliness
That Christ left the throne for the manger.
All glory aside, this all for His bride
As He humbled Himself to save her.

How long is the mystery of godliness
Not a distance that Christ wouldn't travel
To humbly abide at the leper's side
Imparting life so disease would unravel.

How wide is they mystery of godliness
With His arms stretched from east to west
Embracing our lives, each child of the Most High
Worth as much as His life to purchase.

How deep is the mystery of godliness
To descend to the depths of the grave
Christ willingly died, on the cross as He cried
It is finished, He prepared us a way.

How grand is the mystery of godliness
Christ was raised from the tomb without strife.
Angels declared Him alive, now for us to decide
Will we accept the free gift of true life?

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